All We Know

This is by the Chainsmokers. “All We Know” is a relaxed song about a struggling relationship. The relationship in question is on the brink of falling apart, but a connection still exists through some sort of love and/or weed, and the lovers don’t know whether to keep the relationship going or not. It is an Electronic … More All We Know

Being the victim

It all started last year. All I wanted is to help my fellow batch mates but it turns out being in depressing situations. I’ve been through a lot. Being a victim of cyber bullying is really a big stab in me. It’s hard for me to start a school year with an issue. First day … More Being the victim

Cover of Vogue

When I was a child I really want to be like Tyra Banks, Kate Moss and other supermodel who became the cover of Vogue. I always watch America’s Next Top Model ever since when I was a kid and I really love fashion or couture. Ramp model, commercial model and etc. Being a cover of … More Cover of Vogue


I consider my mother as my favorite super hero. She can do everything like when I’m looking for a thing then in just one blink of an eye she’s holding the thing what I’m looking for. I love it when my mom cooks for us, especially Sunday lunches. It’s my favorite. My Mom look like … More Supermom

When In El Nido

I always love the Philippines, our country because it’s beauty and uniqueness. Also whenever I travel with my family I always love the food they serve. But of course I cherish the place because of the memories I have experienced. I really love Palawan, especially El Nido.  This is me and my mom and her … More When In El Nido

Flashback Friday

High school memories are the best. I could say that because I had different “squads”. Building bonds and a second home. It wasn’t really that bad because I felt it was a roller coaster ride. Grade 7 was memorable. Grade 8, not much. Grade 9, more like cloud nine and Grade 10, it was the … More Flashback Friday


It is the title of the song by One Republic. This song describes me a lot. People may know me as a loud person but I’m a secretive one. It also the OST of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” a movie from Disney. Starring Nicholas Cage, Teresa Palmer and Jay Baruchel. This song reflects largely the struggles Ryan … More “Secrets”

Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park is written by Rainbow Rowell. I really love Rainbow Rowell’s works. I like it when she ends a story or a novel. All of her works are amazing and that’s why I really adore every novels that she makes. One of her novels and her first book is “Eleanor & Park”. It’s … More Eleanor & Park