Cover of Vogue

When I was a child I really want to be like Tyra Banks, Kate Moss and other supermodel who became the cover of Vogue. I always watch America’s Next Top Model ever since when I was a kid and I really love fashion or couture. Ramp model, commercial model and etc. Being a cover of vogue magazine is a childhood dream that I want to make it happen in the future. Nothing is impossible. I believe that someday or one day in the future I’ll become a cover of Vogue magazine or any famous magazine in the world. Any Vogue magazine will do or even Rogue, Bazaar or Time magazine.

Image result for vogue magazine tyra banks Image result for vogue magazine kate moss

I hope one day I’ll be the cover of Vogue Magazine. If there’s a will, there’s a way. Dreams can be plan too so why not right. *cross-fingers*


until the next blog 🙂


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