I consider my mother as my favorite super hero. She can do everything like when I’m looking for a thing then in just one blink of an eye she’s holding the thing what I’m looking for. I love it when my mom cooks for us, especially Sunday lunches. It’s my favorite. My Mom look like she’s at her 30’s or 40’s but in reality she’s 50 plus year old. Her friends say that she looks like she’s not getting older. My mom secret is happiness and a positive outlook in life. That’s what I look up to her. She’s God-fearing, a great cook and all the incredible characteristics of a mother.

I really look up at her. She’s a hero and a role model too. Someday I want to be like her but better. The “2.0” version of her. If I’m going to be a mother someday, I’m going to be like her, knows how to cook delicious meals and knows how to balance everything. She’s really a very strong and brave person. I couldn’t ask more. I feel protected by her care and I’ve learned so much from her. Not only house chores, but life hacks. I love her with all my heart and I salute her. She’s my hero.




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