When In El Nido

I always love the Philippines, our country because it’s beauty and uniqueness. Also whenever I travel with my family I always love the food they serve. But of course I cherish the place because of the memories I have experienced.

I really love Palawan, especially El Nido. 11229683_926071810765751_6815325493463015679_n.jpg

This is me and my mom and her office mate/ my friend in a kayak.


Me in a “EL NIDO”sign.


Again, me in a swing and behind me is the 7 commando beach.

If I were a given a chance to visit a place again, it would be El Nido, Palawan. I love how people live there and the view. I also got a new friend which is awesome. I like to travel. Basically Philippines, our home is my favorite place because you can never go wrong in a place like when you feel home. I just admire every place I’ve traveled most especially El Nido, Palawan. That is all 🙂 10409035_926071324099133_7082397946255941130_n.jpg



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