“This is how I will remember you.”

jacob bella breaking dawn.gif

I’m a twilight fan or should I say “twihard”. This film is Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1. I like how the way Bella and Edward got married but my favorite part is when Jacob appeared from the woods and had a dance with the bride, Bella.

When Jacob said this words, it was heart-felt scene for me. This is my favorite line in the movie because I felt what Jacob felt towards Bella. Saying goodbye is the most hardest part to tell to a special someone. He describes Bella as the “human” Bella with pink cheeks, two left feet and a heartbeat because he thinks after the wedding Edward will change Bella into a vampire right away. I think that moment was sweet. I find it sweet because a guy wouldn’t describe you like that if he doesn’t love you. I find it thoughtful too because Jacob really loves Bella, he was the best friend/buddy of Bella when Edward wasn’t around.  It is my favorite line by Jacob. He will remember how Bella be as a human being and not as “blood-sucker”. Even if I think about it, when a friend or a special someone will tell this to me I will feel like it’s about time to let go. Let go if the beautiful moments that we shared because there’s a new chapter in my life that is about to start with the love of my life.

I really love this line so much and it’s really my favorite line from a film.






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