This Is How My Friday Sounds Like

Friday’s like this are my total fave. It always starts with music. “How To Love” by CashCash. As I heard the sound of my phone the same as I heard the beat of my heart. Loud music, loud beats. In the morning, I jammed into my spotify playlist. Those kinda of noises are my thing and keeps me alive. While doing house chores, I heard sentimental rhythm from our neighbor. Sounds like chimes and bells. It was a peaceful afternoon.

After listening to those calm music, I heard my heart  again wanted to listen  to loud noises. I jammed and listened to those beats and even though it’s loud, I liked it. Until 6 pm in the evening I keep on listening. My playlist is consists of EDM, alternative rock and OPM songs. Even though it might be loud or sometimes calm, I like the way it changes to something heavy metal or peaceful song. One specific song like “Tadhana”, I feel the calm ryhthm yet catchy.

All day non-stop jamming to #Hugot Playlist and some random songs that I like to hear. I sung at the top of my lungs even though my throat is I bit sore. From listening to cash cash to The Fray, that’s how my Friday sounds like.


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