Flashback Friday

High school memories are the best. I could say that because I had different “squads”. Building bonds and a second home. It wasn’t really that bad because I felt it was a roller coaster ride. Grade 7 was memorable. Grade 8, not much. Grade 9, more like cloud nine and Grade 10, it was the last yet it’s the best. Junior high school “me”, I could that I was pretty reckless but I’ve learned my lesson. win_20150921_164623Yup, I’m that girl. Big glasses, bangs and all. Your not-so-typical geek.


Most of my friends thought I’m “mataray” but when I smile, I look like I’m squinting. Chinky eyes problems/Chinita problems. I was also a Cadt. officer. Back then I was bullied when I was in Grade 8, it was really the worst part in jhs. Grade 9, it felt like I had a second chance and second family. Grade 10, I had a chance to attend DSPC. I was the technical in our broadcasting team . I had amazing year and I also felt I was amazing to finish junior high school. I was surrounded by amazing friends and comrades.



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