Eleanor & Park

Eleanor & Park is written by Rainbow Rowell. I really love Rainbow Rowell’s works. I like it when she ends a story or a novel. All of her works are amazing and that’s why I really adore every novels that she makes. One of her novels and her first book is “Eleanor & Park”.

It’s about first love. Legit first love like high school cliche kind of story. Although it’s cliche, I like it how it ends. I’m not bitter but I just love when the story ends when the characters doesn’t end together or a couple. For me its the reality of how people live. That’s how I love her stories but not all of her stories are like that.

The uniqueness of “Eleanor & Park” moved me. I had 2 or 3 weeks of hangover because of the story, and when people or friends came up or ask me if Eleanor & Park is a good book, I suddenly go “fangirling” and I literally shake them and tell them “IT’S THE REALEST”.

While typing this, I can’t stop feeling nostalgia. I mean it’s really a good book. I suggest to all of the teens out there who are looking for a great impact in their lives. I must say that every book has their on story about things and such but when you’re a reader and you can sense that this certain book really touched me right into core, it will continue to read more and more of the author’s books.

My favorite part of the novel was the last part. This it how it ends.

“Just three words long.”

Your welcome ;).





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